Dim Sum

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Dim Sum

Traditional Chinese dumplings, suppled frozen.
Vegetarian and Vegan options are also available



Beef Sui Mai

Variations on a theme, and the theme is a pretty good one. With a succulent beef and chive filling, our beef Sui Mai dumplings serve as an excellent fit in a Dim Sum menu.


Sui Mai

An open faced Chinese dumpling, our traditional Sui Mai contains a mix of pork and King prawn, tied together in an egg pastry, It’s easy to see why Shao Mai has become such a frequent visitor to the dining table over the ages.

SesamePrawnToast2 copy.jpg

Sesame Prawns on Toast

A popular canapé for any event and any meal. With a crunch of sesame seeds on top, a toasted bottom and our prawn mix, these provide a satisfying bite of savoury, sea-food goodness.


Shark Fin Dumpling


Chicken Sui Mai

Once steamed and gently spongy, these Siu Mai dumplings are served with a chicken and vegetable mix, creating a mellow yet satisfying flavour.


Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce

Portions of ribs are cooked in a layered black bean sauce, creating a smooth, delectable dish of bite-sized pieces of taste.


Prawn Har Gow

A popular sight at any Asian food market or fine dining table, these dumplings are filled with prawn and wrapped in a transparent, smooth pastry. With a simple taste, these dumplings are to be eaten in one bite. And onto the next one.


Fired Won Ton


Won Ton Soup

Once steamed, these pork and and shrimp dumplings can be delivered in a refreshingly clean tasting soup. Often served as a starter, won ton soup warms both the soul and the body.