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—  Buns  —

Traditional steamed and baked buns with various fillings.
Vegetarian and Vegan options are also available.

All buns apart of baked bun, steam from frozen for 15 minutes.
Baked buns, microwave from frozen for approximately 50 seconds on high, ensure content is piping hot.
All buns are supplied frozen.


Char Sui Bun

The long-loved fluffy parcels of barbecue pork filling is a staple in dim sum selection. With a white dough that softens once steamed and a savoury yet sweet serving of tender pork, there’s clear reason why these buns are so well loved.


Gai Bun

Once steamed to a soft, pillowy consistency, break apart the white bun to get to a satisfyingly balanced mix of pork, prawn, chicken, mushroom with just a final touch of coriander to bring it all together.


Lotus Bun

The lotus has a very delicate chestnut-like taste, paired with the soft, light texture of the bun, this is a perfectly balanced yet light sweet-style bun.


Char Sui Chan Bun

Made with a barbecue pork filling with a mix of oyster and hoisin sauce to create a rich flavour, these buns are browned and glazed, creating a deliciously crisp casing when baked.


Hirata Bun

Plain white steamy, spongy buns that sandwich either a sweet or savoury filling. Versatile and with a satisfyingly soft texture, these buns can be stuffed with fillings such as tender pork belly, a rich salad with a kick, or even deep fried ice cream.


Red Bean Bun

The distinctive red colouring of our red bean buns won’t be the only thing you remember. Past the soft steamed bun itself is a smooth bean paste, both creamy and earthy at the same time to send off your meal with a sweet end note.