Our most popular dumplings are Gyoza (Japanese dumplings).  They are very versatile and can be either be steamed; fried; or for a healthier option as soup dumplings.  Vegetarian and Vegan options are also available, the choice is entirely yours.


Gyoza Cooking Instructions:  
Defrost for an hour at room temperature.
Shallow pan fry for 5 to 7 minutes to blacken the base, lower the heat, add a little water to the pan and cover, allowing 5 minutes for the water to steam off. 
Alternatively deep fry from frozen for 4 to 5 minutes or steam from frozen for 5 to 7 minutes.

Supplied in a frozen format.



Duck Gyoza

Deliciously simple, these dumplings are filled with a rich duck filling and perfectly served as a side dish or starter.


Chicken Gyoza

These dumplings have a delicious savoury mix of seasoned chicken and vegetables. Fried or steamed, these gyoza are the perfect companion to any meal.


Prawn Gyoza

Wrapped up in these bite-sized parcels is a mix of minced King prawns, water cabbage and lemongrass. As much of a staple in Asian cuisine as something can be, these gyoza are all at once satisfying and more-ish.


Pork Gyoza

Between the skilled pastry folding and the tried, tested and true minced pork recipe, these dumplings can be a staple at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quite possibly all three.


Vegetable Gyoza

Filled with a traditional Asian mix of cabbage, carrots and water chestnut, these dumplings have a warm, subtle taste to them. The water chestnut gives these dumplings a refreshing crunch and a mildly nutty flavour.


Kim Chi Gyoza

For a spicier kick, our kimchi gyoza are filled with the iconic Korean vegetable mix. Fermented and salted cabbage flavoured with a warm mix of seasonings, these dumplings have a vibrant taste to them.


War Tip

A frequent favourite in the Chinese dumpling repertoire, these dumplings contain a seasoned mince pork tied up in a delicate wrapper of thinly rolled dough. Pair with a soy- vinegar dipping sauce for a vibrant tang.


Tom Yum Prawn Gyoza

With a distinct hot and sour sensation, these gyoza are unique in their flavour. Shrimp are cooked in a soup of lemongrass, lime, and fish sauce to create a memorably flavourful dumpling experience.